• You have had some success with your writing but want more

  • You're not reaching the income level you want

  • You're tired of pitching and always hustling for work

  • You want to a build a freelance writing business that gives you longevity, a great income, freedom and flexibility

  • You are ready to put in the effort to create a real, sustainable change in your life

  • You want freelance writing to stay as a hobby, not a business

Despite 20 years of experience, I had lost my mojo, and I couldn’t seem to figure out how to rebuild my failing freelance writing career.

Now, having taken Lindy's course, I’ve regained a sense of clarity and purpose, as well as the systems and processes I need to make a comeback. Best of all, I’m doing this with a community of writers willing to share insights, concrete suggestions, and plenty of support—all because of Write, Earn, Thrive. 

Margaret Crane


Write Earn Thrive is an absolute must for freelance writers wanting to tap into the power of relationship building as a way to work smarter, not harder.

I have gleaned so many practical tips for directing my energy and resources into the right types of clients and feel more confident than ever about my offerings.

Lindy's course is laid out clearly and concisely with many valuable reference materials. She is a wonderful teacher and incredibly supportive to her students. 

Kristin Cole

Before I joined Write Earn Thrive, I was lost and overwhelmed trying to jumpstart my freelance career. Now, I have clarity. 

Lindy’s teaching style keeps concepts simple and digestible, which makes them easier to use. This is one of the only courses I’ve bought that was engaging, encouraging and actionable from start to finish. 

MK McGowan